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  • Add a new company listing and your experience with that company
  • Submit your experience for an existing company listing
  • All submissions are anonymous
  • Ability to send a confidential, anonymous message to fellow members (your email will not be shown)

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About Abstractor WatchDog

This site was developed out of frustration from not being paid. I have been an abstractor since the 1980's, and until the last 5 years or so, clients were pretty good about paying. Well, unfortunately that's no longer the case. To date, I have been stiffed by over 300 former customers. I know I am not the only one. This site offers Abstractors the ability to list the companies that do not pay. My hope is if a company finds out they have been listed, then they just might pay. I can offer no guarantees, but we can always hope.

There are many companies that have an excellent history of paying, and I strongly encourage the listing of those companies in order to promote their great reputation, and help our fellow Abstractors out in finding a better company.

I welcome your thoughts about the further development of this site. The minor charge of $19.99 per year offers listing and searching abilities. It is my primary goal to help other abstractors and will use the fees to add more features in the future.