Its Still Happening

publication date: Feb 25, 2014


Well, its still happening! New title companies keep showing up and offering us new work, we believe they will pay and the next thing you know we are chasing them for our money. Whats worse is some of these companies have been doing this for years and they are still in business. Imagine this. They hire abstractors all over the country and run their bills up to 3,000,00 per vendor. They stiff all of them. If they have hired 1,000 abstractors, then that's 3 million dollars and there isn't anything anyone can do about it. No attorney will represent you in this situation because its not worth it to them. The best defense is to check out these companies BEFORE you do work with them. Eventually no one will do there work anymore and they will be gone. Do your homework and save yourself a lot of money and anguish.